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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Imaginary Airlines

This is my addiction right now!
Creating an imaginary airlines, operate it, manage cashflows and claim to be the world's best, then smile to the laptop screen feeling proud like a crazy baboon!

You guyz can try it too in cyberairlines
It was damn fun, the game play time is just equal to the real world time! thats means, a flight from KUL to NRT even in the game will take about 6 hours your 
real time! *sure will annoys everyone surrounding you.haha

Here is a sneak peek of my airlines, yup am the BOSS!!!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Salam AiDiLFiTRi- EiD MuBaRaK!

Assalammualaikum everybody!

It have been a while for me not giving my magic 'touch' to this WT baby.
It was Ramadan Month where i was very busy spoiled myself with all the best things that only happen in that month (ie: tarawih, Ramadan Bazzar, Free Break-fasting in various places! etc..).

And now comes the Hari Raya Aidilfitri a.k.a Eid Mubarak!! 
-The winning time for us Muslims after surviving the challenging month of Ramadan. The best thing is, the winning period last for a MONTH! hahaha. 
(greater than winning a medal on podium in Olympic LONDON 2012)  

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ramadan Mubarak

First, I would like to wish Ramadan Mubarak to everyone who has stumbled upon this blog. Here in Malaysia, we call it as "Selamat Berpuasa Di Bulan Ramadhan!"... 

I just learned that our friends in sub-continent India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and some parts of Burma (Myanmar) call it as "Ramazan Kareem!"

Either language you guys used in greeting the Ramadan, It will of course promises us all the baraqah it contains. This is the month that Allah (God) created as to show us how loving He is toward us. 

Alhamdulillah, the first two days of my fasting has been done very beautifully. 

The only regret was, I still didn't had the chance for Tarawih prayers. Blame the Bazaar Ramadhans near to my place for providing wide variety of awesome foodies that tickling every sense of my long-day-starving-and-thirsty appetite. Ended up with me lying on the floor for feeling so full and can barely moved my fingers!.(Don't play-play...)

Arrrghh... so fuuuulll!!!
So today (3rd day), I reserve the time after iftar (breaking fast) just for me and Him.Hehe.

This is the month that Allah opens all the Heaven's doors and shut all the Hell's doors. This is the time that He will forgive best all the wrongdoings that we have done if we ask for His forgiveness and being really regretful. This is the time He opens best his baraqah and hidayah for us. 

So, grab this opportunity, being in the Month of Love, to be a better Muslim. If at times you feels so hungry, do remember that Allah wants us to remind ourselves for the less-fortunates. 

A Sudanese starving child.

To know the feeling being felt by those starving peoples in Africa. We only have to not eat and drink in day-time, while they can barely see foods in days. Just remember that they are also His creatures, just like us, and He never bias His loves. We should be really thankful for all of His givings unto us all this while. Yes. very thankful...   

Right before Ramadan, My lil sister and I decided to buy a cake specially as a symbol welcoming the month of Ramadhan.

We were so excited... 

The feeling was so beautiful...

Can't be described by words...  

"Selamat Menyambut Ramadan"



Sunday, July 15, 2012

Malaysia Vacation: The Amazing Langkawi Islands Paradise.

Hepi Monday peoples!

According to researches, half of all entire human being on earth do think that Monday is  SO ANNOYING! Literally, everybody would feel very lazy on this day. So, beware to all bosses, don't over demanding onto your employees on Monday. If you do not want your brand new BMW 5series gets an amazing art jobs either by paints or by keys. 

For those who has so many burden loads of works from the previous weeks waiting for you today. I suggest you to drive straight away to the nearest Medical Center, unleash ur hidden acting talent, feels the character of a woman with period pains (doesn't matter if you're a guy! we're all human though~), and gives a spectacular performance in front of those weirdos with stethoscope (or what ever it is spelled). 

Then aims for a piece of divine paper called M.C (2 days minimum). After that, open your laptop and start surfing for Air Asia's best deals TODAY! Just indulges yourself for such a spontaneous trip.

Here I got one heavenly destination to be shared. Langkawi Island, Malaysia! Recently, my bubbly-cool friend and I just made an awesome unplanned break to this spectacular Island. Weird thing is, oftentimes the unplanned trips always much more fun than the planned ones. Weird thing number two is we managed to experience the best of Langkawi without having a big-ugly hole in our pockets! (Bow down to the savvy me....BOW!!)

Welcome To Langkawi Island!

We had chosen to fly with Air Asia.Yes, they've just won Skytrax's World Best Low-Cost Airlines 2012 at Farnboroungh Air Show on 12th July. That's means a lot for mogul Tony Fernandes, cause his baby now is officially The World's Best Low Cost Airlines for FOUR consecutive year starting at 2009. 

It was a smart choice for us. While we saving cost for the flight, we actually also had a pleasant amusing one with their tip-top service and a lot of options for both products and menu to choose from on board. Need I mention their hot-in-red girls? They just giving a poised aura which rival the Singapore Girls on Singapore Airlines, ONLY fresher and purer hospitality, but less attitude.

Travel with budget airlines will needs you to actually use Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT). The negative side is, they usually offer basic service for you to board your flights. LCCT in Kuala Lumpur International Airport is surprisingly provides a cool ambiance with many F&B outlets to choose from despite its no-wow-factor too basic building. Look forward for the new KLIA's LCC Terminal which can even rival the service and the quality of it's main terminal building in 2013!

See the faces? They were all angry coz the flight delayed for an hour!

"If we serve your flight late, you'll get paid"- If only you can survive facing with Tony first!

The amusing menu...

Tuna Torttilla my fav! This baby is uber delicious.-I still think tuna is the king of all fish-

Say what you want. That was my first time flying with Air Asia

Arrived at Langkawi International Airport (LGK)-First stop, Marrybrown! yeayy!

Without any plan, we actually be in Langkawi at super right time! It was LIMA! (Langkawi International Maritime and Airshow). There were more than 50 countries taking parts including Indian sophisticated new submarine, Malaysia's 2nd submarine, Sukhoi Jetfighters from various nations and British's Red Arrow jets acrobatics team.   

The only bad side is, all hotels fares were going up like crazy! Crazy car rental fares! Crazy leisure activities fares! and unwelcomed Crazy food price!- The first day, I was ended up having lunch at this one basic Malay restaurant at Chenang Beach, and get charged RM15 for iced teh 'O' and eating rice with ONE (and only!) tiger prawn! R.U.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S at it's best! Not that I was eating at one cozy hotel restaurant... P/M to owner restaurant: "Awas ko Makcik!grrr..(Beware!)"   

Haiqal waving a SUKHOI-30 of Royal Malaysian Air Force for LIMA!

The popular Langkawi's cable car!- It offers you one of the best all Langkawi's 99 islands cluster panorama.

Telaga Tujuh waterfalls as seen from inside the cable car.

I always wonder, "how is that thing can handle hanging us all in the cable cars??"
-simply and engineering marvel-  

Super star of Langkawi attractions- The Hanging Hooked Bridge! (A must visit!)

On top of the world!

From the top, tourist must get through down the forest stairs/walkways to go to the hooked bridge. It was like a light and safe jungle tracking on a mountain top!-sounds cool??

Tadaa! The bridge offers heavenly views of the surrounding. 

Down the hill, is the Oriental Village where we were busy window-shopping, feeding japanese carps, playing with the swimming ducks and watching snake shows (The python was so freaking big! thank God it was sleeping).  While being there, don't miss to visit a coffee house where you can actually enjoy your coffee while seeing live white Bengal tiger playing around in it's glass covered house (I mean super near! you can even count it's teeth).

Feeding the rabbits with carrots. I felt poor for the center rabbit cause it suffers skin-illness. 

On the way back to our chalet, we stopped at a Petronas Station near a marina for re-fueling Mira. Who is Mira?? Yup, Mira is the name that we had given to our rented red Proton Iswara car.-doesn't it sound sweet and lovely...haha.

So here sneak peek of the marina while waiting for Haiqal refueling Mira.-Serene.

After a nice session in "heaven", we drove straight away to the Makam Mahsuri which literally located at the center of the main island. 

Mahsuri is a legend beautiful girl who has been accused for adultery and being stabbed to death. At her dying breath, she has cursed the land of langkawi for a bad luck for 7 generations. Only in late 20th century that the curse ended and Langkawi regain to proper and be a prominent tourism landmark. At this Makam, people can expect to buy gamat oil (which Langkawi is famous for) for the best price. Both of us bought dozens of them! haha

At the second night, after taken our dinner, we decided to have a walk and indulge our selves in a romantic ambiance in one of the many cool restaurants along the Chenang Beach. I love the fact that Chenang Beach is so beautiful at night with many cozy restaurants and bars located side by side.  

We picked this ala-Miami restaurant. I like!

We chose to seat here which has direct view toward the performance stage.
-The singer lady blast off lines of love songs that made a relaxing-full-of-love atmosphere-

The smell of the love and sea combines.-Ahh...beautiful...<3-

Langkawi Permata Kedah
-Langkawi the pearl of Kedah-

You know what is the definition of serene?? Let me tell you, it is walking by the Cenang Beach AT NIGHT!!-try it yourself.

The next morning, is a Miss Universe Beach/Swimming Suit Competition time!! Haha kidding.
Can you guys imagine, that was the only time that we actually had a chance to swim at the beach. Blame the so many interesting things to do in Langkawi!-hence time limitation... sighh... 
Ohh Lord... So want to go back at the beach and swiiiiiiiiiimm now,pleeeease!!!